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Issuance of HOA Cards and Boat Stickers
Posted on Feb 17th, 2020

Hello Everyone,
HOA cards and boat stickers will be issued to homeowners once their HOA assessments of $480.00 are paid in full. 
For the convenience of the homeowners, the Board decided to split the payments, $240.00 due January 1st and $240.00 due April 1st.   If you choose to pay the $480.00 in full by check, money order, or with a credit or debit card, (3.5% transaction fee, NO CASH) that would be greatly appreciated and we will issue your HOA cards and boat stickers.  However, if you choose the split option, the HOA cards and boat stickers will only be mailed to you after we have received the full payment.  
Norris Lake Manager 
Office & Fax: 678-413-3377