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Fecal Coliform Samples Taken Along No Business Creek
Posted on Oct 2nd, 2014

Several residents along No Business Creek expressed concern about a perceived change in color of the creek water that might be associated with the sewage lift station further up the creek. A resident visually checked the stream water at the point where it crosses under Lee Road and found it to be reasonably clear.  The concern expressed was that the lift station located near the end of Susan Way might be discharging runoff into the creek..  I was asked to take  fecal coliform samples of the stream's waters to verify the presence/absence of possible tainted run-off from the facility.

Three water samples were taken Thursday below the NBC bridge (left side) and another 3 samples taken at a creek side resident's dock further down the stream and incubated for 24 hours.  Of the six samples taken, only  two registered minor evidence (no concern) of the presence of fecal coliform which is consistent with past samples taken in this area since FONL began lake testing back in 2003.  The area in question is a known periodic hangout for our heavy goose population.
Roy Fair