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The FONL Sponsored Halloween Costume and "Scary" Movie Event
Posted on Oct 27th, 2014

The FONL sponsored Halloween costume and "scary" movie event with free food and drinks produced approximately 20 contestants ranging in age from 17 months to 10 years, plus one adult Wicked Witch who swooped in and played the part quite well. Our special guest and Emcee was former WNBA Center/Forward (born in Lithonia) Nakia Sanford.  Judges were residents Roy & Libby Fair and Julie Belkin.  Other than the smallest contestant accompanied by her father, surnames were hard to come by. Costume originality, vice store bought attire, weighed heavily in the judges' votes. A $10 WalMart gift card was presented to the following recipients:

Group 1 (0-5):  Scarlett Payne portrayed as a baby chick and Elijah as current movie hero, "Iron Man."  

Group 2 (6-10):  (1)  Jesse, dressed and painted up as Batman's nemesis; the "Joker;" (2) Demonti, who delivered a magical impersonation of a demented goblin; (3) Lucas, who eradicated the area of all gremlins in his imaginative hand-made GhostBusters suit and  (4) McKenzie who conclusively demonstrated that the Zombie Dead can still Walk.

 NORRIS LAKE RESIDENTS BEWARE--THEY LIVE AMONG US AND THEY WILL RETURN TO YOUR DOOR SOON!!  A sizeable contribution of candy (or WalMart gift cards) does seem to induce complacency.

Food and drink preparations and distribution was provided by Sam/Pam Chastain and Lance/Jef Harvey.  Movie selection ("Igor") and equipment set-up was the handiwork of Mark Yenney.